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We provide certified training in Storysharing at three levels. This training is very effective for staff working in special education settings, and for organisations and individuals that provide care and support services for adults with learning disabilities.

We offer structured, progressive training based on experience which is delivered with a solid understanding of current theories on good practice and how this sits in relation to your organisation or service.

We promise you high quality, practical programmes that will significantly contribute to the development of your workforce, team or organisation.

Our Courses

Storysharing Awareness

An introduction into the basic principles and potential benefits of using Storysharing.

Storysharing Foundation Level

A detailed introduction to the effective use of Storysharing within practical applications; this one-day course explores the core techniques involved, its person-centred benefits and expected outcomes.

Storysharing Licensed Practitioner

For those who have attended a Foundation level course, this training provides authorised status as a competent practitioner, using Storysharing strategies effectively at work or in the home.

Training involves one day tutor led course, backed up by flexible one-to-one tutor support time of approximately 4 hours to achieve certification.

Storysharing Licensed Tutor

For Licensed Practitioners, this course trains you to act as a manager and trainer in your workplace, embedding Storysharing in your organization.

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Our Training Team

Jane Harwood

Jane Harwood

Jane is a musician and arts leader whose work is motivated by the relationship between creativity and our need to communicate. 

She aims to share this with others by enabling participation and engagement – through narrative, music, storysharing, and increasingly, the use of new media.


Jane delivers the Storysharer projects for Openstorytellers. She also helps to run ‘Count Me In’, a music organisation which has involved hundreds of people with learning disabilities, and Strata Collective, who work with landscape, narrative and GPS systems.
Lara Ellender

Lara Ellender

After a degree in English literature and working as a chef, Lara worked with people with learning disabilities in environmental and community projects. 

As a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, she has worked in the community with children with special and learning needs. 


Following a break to have a family, Lara worked with a Bristol-based charity supporting adults affected by stroke, before moving to Frome and taking on the role of Office Group Leader at Openstorytellers in Autumn 2013. 

Community, sharing, food and story are the things that Lara values most and she appreciates enabling all people to access, communicate and understand their personal stories and the richness of stories from history and myth.
Leah Harwood

Leah Harwood

Leah has worked with children and adults with learning difficulties for over 10 years, predominantly supporting students with communication impairments in SEN schools. She has also worked alongside families with young children, teaching them sign language to use at home to support communication.


She has been working with Openstorytellers since 2015 across a range of projects and groups.

She is currently an Openstorytellers group facilitator, supporting our award winning Storytelling team to manage their company and develop their professional skills.

She has recently completed a 3 year training programme which was developed by Openstorytellers and supported by the Paul Hamlyn foundation, using our pioneering approach to communication; ‘Storysharing’, with students and staff across a range of settings and have been instrumental in training staff to use the technique with their students.

She is now a ‘Storysharing leader’ and certified trainer within Openstorytellers. 

The Storysharing approach to communication has had a profound effect on the way she works with and interacts with people who have a learning or communication difficulty, and has such far reaching benefits to all it has become a natural way of communicating at work and at home with her two young children.


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