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Storysharing helps people with learning and communication difficulties recall and share stories about their lives. It is an effective way of building the confidence needed to have a voice, make friends and build relationships.

We believe everyone has a right to share the stories of everyday life. It’s how we explain ourselves to friends, carers and family. These personal narratives are how we make sense of what happens in our lives - they are central to our sense of who we are.

People with learning and communication disabilities often find it hard to tell and recall stories:

  • because of difficulties in communication and memory
  • because other people do not listen
  • because other people do not share story experiences with them
  • because some stories are painful to tell

Storysharing uses simple approaches to develop the ability of individuals to recall and share the experiences, great and small, which make us who we are.

It’s a collaborative and person-centred approach, which develops listening, communication, empathy and friendship.

Who it’s for and how to use it

Storysharing is a highly flexible and versatile communication tool that can be used in a wide range of situations. It’s fun and light touch - once you have these strategies under your belt you can use them across the board. There’s no expensive technology involved - the best resource is you.

Storysharing can be used across the range of ability - designed for those with severe and profound learning disabilities, it is also effective for people with autistic spectrum difficulties, those who have mild to moderate communication problems, and those who lack confidence or who are withdrawn. Anyone with an EHCP, or who needs to talk to health care professionals, employers, teachers, and social workers can benefit.

Examples of ways to use Storysharing in projects and training:

  • In schools - To support new pupils, for transitions and change, to enable pupil voice
  • Peer mentoring and support - School councils, assemblies, and intergenerational projects
  • Making friends and building empathy - Storysharing increases peer interaction and supports better
    listening. It’s fun too.
  • Review and transition meetings - Finding a way to contribute effectively: stories about the things
    that matter can influence choices about the future.
  • Tenant meetings - Supporting choice and decisions by remembering and sharing.
  • Self advocacy in meetings - ‘Having a voice. ’Real life stories help professionals to understand real
    life issues.
  • Building personal histories to share with others - Remembering the past and putting it in perspective.


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